A L    L 

 A     B  O  UT       D  O   T       T  

“Our taste is constantly changing. Whether I’m conceptualizing ideas, building brands, creating marketing strategies or producing products like jewelry or objects, my skill set lays in modularity. My love for multi-functional design always leaks into my process." 

"Creating modern classic designs that felt durable yet modular was my goal for this initial wood collection. I was missing these pieces in my space - an extremely low coffee table for when I sit on the floor serving tea, a stand alone statement stool that didn’t need something sat on it to make it feel more interesting than it was, and an intimate eating table that could bring conversation into each meal about design and functionality." 

"I’m always drawn to the playfulness I can bring to design, so the idea of incorporating a sphere into each piece made it feel quite fun and delicate but I couldn’t fully commit to that. I needed the option of change if I wasn’t feeling playful that day or if my taste isn’t the same as someone else’s, so to compromised, it created duality. We offer the entire collection with interchangeable balls and brass caps. The shades of dark and light stains on oak were influenced by Perriand and the playfulness by Royere.”


D E S     I G  N 

IN S PI  R    ATI   O N

“I’ve been interested in mid century modern architecture and design since I can remember caring about how spaces made me feel. I think it takes you getting to a certain point in your life to understand your surroundings and how they affect your mood. Anything from people, places, lighting, color, object and sound have a large impact on how comfortable I feel and how free I am to create.  
I started collecting books on Frank Lloyd Wright when I moved from Miami to Los Angeles, then soon after discovered my obsession with chairs. Initially I was draw towards more minimal slender designs from Eames, Wegner, Breuer and Mies Van Der Rohe where metal meet texture. I loved how modern yet timeless it all was, different from Miami’s colorful Art Deco aesthetic I grew up around." 

"During my dive into the world of Le Corbusier I became very fond of Charlotte Perriand who worked under him. After she stepped out of his shadow and continuing her own practice, the structures she created with wood were undeniably attractive to me. I felt very inspired by her career and story around the same time I began traveling to Paris a decade ago. The way my taste has shifted throughout the years is directly correlated to my appreciation for French culture and craftsmanship." 

"As I design objects and spaces now, I catch myself battling with imagining something fresh that feels like it could have still come out of the 50s. There’s no doubt that Perriand, Prouve and Royere have had a massive influence on me but their comeback in modern interior design have made it challenging to create unique spaces using vintage designs.”